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Old Location  230 South Jackson Street  Now Relocated to:

800 W. Oglethorpe Blvd

(Next to U-Haul)          



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Helps Meet Requirements For Courts & Probation

ALcohol monitoring workplace
Provision Defensive Driving School
Provision DUI School
Provision Driving Training
Provision Defensive Driving
Provision Drivers Ed
Provision Driving and DUI
Provision Drivers Ed
Clinical Evaluation
The Think Twice Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit.(Breathalyzer in Wokrplace
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Defensive Driving Training in Class room or Virtual Class provided to teach defensive driving skills to help prevent accident caused from distracted driving, improper turning, speeding and aggressive driving and much more.

Certificate Of Completion for DUI Class

Certification of Completion will either be emailed to you the next business day or will be available for you to pick up the next business day.  The DDS rules and regulation forbid late entry to any session of the course, so we suggest you arrive a least 10-15 minutes early to reach session. 

The fee for 20-hour course is $260.00 ($235+$25 book fee). The fee is set by the State Law. The 20-hour course fee should be paid on or before the first day of class.

The total for the complete DUI program also known as Risk Reduction Program is $360 ($100.00 Assessment fee + $235 Course fee + $25.00 book fee.

We accept Cash, Money Order, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, or Debit cards as payment.

A clinical evaluation is a one-on-one session between a DHR approved substance abuse professional and yourself. If you are charged with DUI, reckless driving, possession, or BUI, you may be required by a judge or probation officer. 

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